Can traditions from the hands of destructive and deceitful people be meaningful to us at all (that was the question at the end of the home page)?
The following answer is a nice introduction to the topic of this page, "responsibility":

The following sentence flew to us without known source, which very obviously fits the behavior of the power elite in so many questions that we pay attention to it, consider its correctness probable:

"They (the powerful) believed that they had to tell us what they were going to do to us, because only if we did not resist could they do it without suffering any "karmic" damage."
As I said, we have no evidence of the authenticity of this sentence.
But we can observe how the powerful consistently convey to us in this way, openly or covertly or codedly, hints of truth or of planned intentions over and over again. They do this again and again in a way that we are supposed to understand it with difficulty or to misclassify it consciously.
Anyone who picks up on these transmitted messages is marked as a "conspiracy theorist." And so they keep resistance in the population in check and can, for example, organize one war after another.
But by informing people about their plans or about other truths, they can make them share the responsibility.
The unsuspecting and uninterested people, after months of newspaper and television propaganda, even take sides with the attackers or destroyers from governments or in other responsible positions. Thereby we unknowingly take co-responsibility for many crimes and - in the language of these occultists - take over much of the rotten "karma" and take this part of the karma from them, the criminals. They are pedantic careful to remain as "clean" as possible themselves and let other clueless "foot soldiers" or ordinary people do the actual crimes.
This also includes obtaining the active or passive consent to their crimes, in which the crimes are announced or in which the criminals are legitimized by the citizens through elections and are allowed to carry out the crimes with their "votes" in their name.

With this short excursion we come back to the religions. To a large extent, the traditions may have misleading statements. But some texts are remarkably related even to the sinister religions of the powerful and, if we could filter out the significant information and understand it in its proper context, would provide us with very valuable clues.
Thus the "Creation Story" with "Adam and Eve", the "Tree of Knowledge", the "Serpent" and many other details and symbols provide very significant clues, which we also find again and again in occultism (only in the opposite sense, that the occultists are on the side of the Serpent, the "Antagonist" and reveal themselves in the symbolism in this sense for the one who knows the symbols).
The "Ten Commandments", according to our estimation, do not even come from our loving Creator, who does not think anything of laws and contracts but, as Yeshua communicated, relies exclusively on love.
But the rules of conduct, especially the first two or three commandments, basically have an important message. They warn us against the (other) gods. They warn us against using images in a religious context. And these warnings may have a reason. This would bring us back to the statements from the beginning of our text about what rites, symbols, temples and so on would be all about....
And again we can see how the rulers of the church and priests teach us, for example, with the 10 commandments the prohibition of images, but let us worship symbols, images of Jesus and even of Mary in a church overloaded with images.
Or what should we call it when all the church-goers are praying and facing an altar with a larger-than-life figure of "Jesus" hovering over it on a "cross"? what meaning does it have when a "Mother of God" decorated with occult symbols is perched right next to it? What is the point of all the "saint" images and in many cases symbols that are expressly known to be satanic (the eye in the pyramid can be found in so many churches, even Protestant ones)?
Is it all just folklore gone out of hand, or is there still a darker intention and strategy in these beautiful and, as it were, cruel images?

How the Powerful Push Responsibility Away with All Their Might

In order to describe how the power elite pushes away responsibility and the rotten "karma", as they call it, when responsibility for destruction, suffering and oppression sticks to their heels, let us once again refer to the traditions with their descriptions of the "fallen angels", not because you are supposed to believe in these "fallen angels", but because they play a central role in the spiritual world of the power elite, because these occult Freemasons, Jesuits and other secret allies themselves firmly believe in this spiritual "reality":

The "fallen angels" are at the top of the power pyramid in this world. They stand above the most powerful people of the earth The most powerful people of this earth consider themselves as receivers of orders! But these angels had no permission to come to the earth and they had no permission to lay hands on themselves. If they had done it or if they would do it, they would be easily convictable and they could be made harmless in their destructive actions.
How they acted and act instead, describes again said "Genesis", the creation history of the Bible: The serpent spoke to Eve and gave her the advice to ignore the guidelines of God, not to eat this apple of the tree of knowledge. She did it according to the tradition then also and Adam did it likewise. So first Eve and then Adam took the responsibility for the consequences according to this tradition.
Because various "initiates" insist again and again on it, how restrictive it had been nevertheless from God to forbid the consumption of the "tree of the knowledge", still another version from unknown source should be told:
The still young humans, Adam and Eve, had still an immature brain. And the apple was likewise not yet ripe and had tannic acid, which had the consequence that the maturation of the brains was blocked. God or presumably at this point of the Bible actually our loving creator would have intended according to this version thus quite that Adam and Eve should eat from this tree - only at a later time. Then everything would have gone perfectly. So, however, they were helplessly exposed with their immature brains (which could use only a tiny fraction of the abilities of the whole brain, what also confirms the science today) to the "most cunning list smith of all cunning list smiths" and this could snatch the rule over the world to himself because he could lead Adam and Eve continuously into the error.
Please - now again nobody should simply believe this. But this version is at least more logical than the version that God planted a tree, which Adam and Eve should not touch, merely to test their obedience and to deprive them of the "knowledge", if they would be so "stupid" to listen to him. Thus, in this version, it would become understandable what would go on on this earth. Our loving creator, who would have been able to create such ingenious and beautiful creatures, could have improbably wanted the limitation of the spiritual abilities of Adam and Eve. After all, He wanted to create them precisely in "His image," as has been handed down. Had Adam and Eve not been poisoned, the earth would be teeming with incredibly powerful and loving creatures, and that would have changed the entire universe!

Again, this was a little excursion - we wanted to talk about the transfer of rotten responsibility to others...
The angels on this earth, which want to rule the earth or should (they are all subordinated to the serpent and serve her likewise) do not lay hands on thus at all or only very rarely themselves, but they "channel" with the people and these people act then accordingly.
The people with whom the higher angels channel are of course also often quite powerful. They also know that they will get (in their occult language) a very bad "karma" if they themselves do the work of destruction, oppression, torment and so on. For them the atomic bomb is at most good to make people afraid or to cultivate unpleasant fantasies. But the real effective weapons in their hands are guns and knives. These weapons are applied by the unsuspecting ordinary soldiers. These soldiers then have destroyed souls after the war and cannot cope with life as anyone. Not because the atrocities they experienced were so traumatizing, but because they can't come to terms with their own guilt, because every night they dream of the people they themselves shot or tortured.

Why is this connection so significant for us?

We have so much respect for the great police apparatus, for the masked lackeys of the oppressors, for atomic bombs and so on.
However, when we understand how the powerful consistently shift the responsibility for destruction, exploitation and oppression down the pyramid of power, we understand that they are completely powerless the moment the people at the bottom of the pyramid refuse their willingness to engage in violence, destruction, oppression and exploitation!
Above all, with this knowledge, we can begin to learn how not to allow ourselves to be the perpetrators of and RESPONSIBLE for oppression, injury and destruction through occult practices such as, for example, rites, symbols, contracts, or through internalization of deceptive agendas. The comprehension of this trick to take over the responsibility by the "ignorant" among the people is the decisive step to leave the so-called "matrix" and to gain freedom and personal responsibility!

We understand how powerless in reality the supposedly "powerful" are and how powerful in reality we simple people are, no matter how poor or rich we are, how high our "position" in society is or whether we eke out our existence as beggars at the edge of the same.
On the contrary - the beggar who has left the system, who has no more money, who can no longer oppress anyone - this beggar is the greatest challenge to the satanic system of power. HE has not bowed down and refused to play the game. HE is able to overturn the system. That's why beggars on the street are fought against so doggedly, so that also nobody would get the idea to stop "cycling" (humping up and kicking down) and just live in love. Nobody should recognize that we would not need this state basically, because everything what we need for the life is given by the nature, by the earth.
Independent people who no longer strive for money, but who simply live from nature - these free people are the most dangerous "terrorists" who frighten the satanic system because they could blow it up.
And if then the connection to the heart would come to it, the ability to love, people who could heal, in which they would open their hands and would let the strength of the love work directly, then we have to do it with the biggest system threat at all!
And with it we would come to the "Inquisition" which continues until today!
Keyword "Codex Alimentarius" or said prohibition to heal - the power of love (next page)


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