The Power of Love

For occult practitioners, methods of magic and any actions on the spiritual plane are the most natural and meaningful tools of the trade. Those who wish to gain access to these tools and methods must submit to the rules of a wide variety of associations and pledge secrecy and service. Occult practitioners can be Freemasons or shamans and various other esoteric practitioners. Insofar as these initiates consider themselves occult or esoteric, we can assume in virtually all cases that these people seek the connection and assistance of angels.
These statements are not conspiracy theories on our part, but are documented in many writings and also in television documentaries on public television. This is what the occultists and esotericists themselves say about themselves.
Whether we believe in the effectiveness of these tools should not matter. The said practitioners firmly believe in them and they consider these tools as the basis of their power. And they involve us deeply in their occult black magic rituals through the media and religions, instructing us to participate in them through language, through government documents, through computer games or cultural practices.

At the same time, as already indicated, they take thorough care that people outside the secret societies and who have not made commitments of secrecy and service, that these people do not have any access of their own to said occult practices.

This would not be a problem with regard to the occult practices, because we also suggest you not to practice them and to stay away from them fundamentally. We consider the cooperation with angels, the use of symbols and rites harmful, because by doing so we give power and responsibility to the outside, to forces whose intentions we cannot assess.
Either, we do not believe in these things and then also suggest not to practice them. However, if it is considered to test these practices, we suggest to take seriously the spiritual information that is available to us and to question what quality these practices have.
The moment we pay so much attention to these practices that we also engage in a test to see if they might work, at that moment we should consider it equally likely, or at least possible, that other spiritual connections, including spiritual beings associated with them, might also exist.
What did the occult Goethe want to tell us with the saying "Die ich rief, die Geister werd ich nun nicht los" ("the ones I've called, those ghosts now I don't get rid of them")?

However, are there now spiritual tools whose use does not deprive us of the power over the further events, which leave us in the responsibility and which do not disturb or destroy our loving connection to our loving Creator and to all other dear living beings?
These tools exist.
It is simply our will and our love. It is our brain and our heart, when they work spiritually in connection with each other.
If we simply wish from our heart, our wishes have a great power to "manifest", to become reality.

We can actually find out and learn a lot about this spiritual work on the internet, also from esotericists. The tightrope walk consists in recognizing with starting interest, from which place and with which wishes we move in the direction of the "angel and god world".
And here it depends partly on subtleties, which seem very insignificant to many initially.
For example esotericists explain in an impressive way how we create by "imagination" (conscious conception) a bright white light, which belongs to the "good and saving side". In fact, however, much more that we learn from followers of the "light side" indicates that this same light side is likely to be only the "Luciferian" department of the overall occult edifice.
A golden light, on the other hand, according to statements of some practitioners, has the quality of love, so that in our estimation the conscious conception of golden light creates a helpful force.

Also a helpful power is often connected with green light, which would stand for healing. For such work of green light there are partly even representations in feature films (for example "Astral City", whereby this film remains presumably nevertheless located within the occult spiritual worlds - only the use of the green light for healing seems comprehensible to some humans). The healing concerned in connection with the green light can be supported by good anatomical knowledge about an infirmity and about the corresponding healthy condition by imagination.
Those who heal in this way through imagination should pay close attention to their hands and, if they tingle slightly, clean them, including the arms, with soap or, better, with salt water, in order to prevent the transmission of the diseases to their own bodies through the spiritual path - this advice is given by some practitioners.
The idea of a blue shell, for example, according to various statements, should create a spiritual protection of the person or people surrounded by it.
We mention the exemplary methods described here because, according to our impression, the positive power of these tools arises exclusively from ourselves, from our heart and our brain, and because we do not have to make or enter into any unpleasant contracts or connections through these tools.
Anyway to simply wish something from heart however is enough for this wish to gain power and this will take effect even without further methods.

So there are definitely ways to work spiritually without slipping into the realm of magic or esotericism or occultism.
And, of course, the occult powers will do everything to either prevent this from happening or to steer it in their desired direction by the sudden appearance of "supporters" and "advisors".
What do you think the so-called "Original Christians" did at that time and what they were persecuted for? Do you think that Yeshua only healed individuals by opening his hands and healing them spiritually, just so that he could distinguish himself as a "unique miracle healer"? Or did he not rather teach his followers how we can heal with our mind and with our heart?
And this knowledge was the greatest threat to the elite of power then, as in the times of the Inquisition, and also today.
For this reason, we also strongly warn you not to use these practices just like that in front of others, or even to talk about them (talk that you could do so).
Also we do not say that these things worked, but we simply reproduce what we have heard from a wide variety of sources and we evaluate an inner logical quality that distinguishes the methods just mentioned from methods of occultism.
Healers today, when "caught" at it, are simply snatched away and boxed in or psychartrized, as it has already happened to many doctors who had successfully developed and applied their own healing methods on the basis of their own experiences.

But how do we get the inner power to do such things and what can help us increasing this inner power?
We naturally already have this life and love force within us.
As already said several times, however, this power is massively weakened in all of us by the black magic attacks and by the black magic seduction, which no human being can escape on this earth.
In addition, how we receive this strength in full measure back, again Jeshua gave us even in the tradition of the twisted Bible still sufficient references:
Money alone distances us from our love, because the way of life with money corresponds to a permanent contract situation and not to our heart and the giving of our works in love to our neighbors.
In order to increase our power, it is urgent to enter into the loving connection with all the plants, animals and people that surround us.
We can overcome the first major hurdle to this loving connection through the tool of forgiveness.
By remembering all that we have done to our fellow creatures through unkindness and brutality, we open up the possibility of entering into loving connection with our fellow creatures again.
At this point it should be mentioned that also plants have a soul and a feeling. Plants and animals also concede to us that we feed on them, as cruel as that is. Possibly, it is variously reported, in a holy and paradisiacal world there could be the possibility to feed exclusively on the energy of love and on fruits given to us by plants. But we do not live in that world and, even if we consume meat, we do not have to see in it an insurmountable hurdle to enter into loving connection with animals as well. Of course, however, this is not possible insofar as we are indifferent to cruel animal husbandry. So it is a difficult path in this world to do one's possible, to eat healthy and all this without making oneself ill by overstraining oneself. What is important now, first and foremost, is to connect with the living beings.
A further step on the way into the love (and the free life) is the dissolution of contracts!
Before our loving creator contracts have no existence and he and the angels connected with him will never enter into contracts with us!
Who has sold his soul probably must struggle with the "buyer" of the soul - but he will receive all conceivable support from our loving Creator, if he wants to keep his soul and to return to heaven with the dear plants, animals and people and this will be possible for him, if he really wishes this, with the help of our loving Creator. And so it stands with all other contracts, which we have entered numerously with the dark side on this earth. It starts with the birth certificate with which our parents unwittingly sold us to the power elite, it continues with the identity cards we have signed, with tax returns, with the use of money and so on....
If we succeed in ending all these contracts, also contracts that we have made unconsciously on the spiritual level, and to live without money in loving connection with all the dear living beings and people surrounding us, then the chance opens up to increase our life and love energy to such an extent that we attain the same power for healing as Yeshua had. This is how many traditions are to be understood,

However, through our life and love energy and through our wishing, we can wish healing for the entire world - and could, without mentioning this, bring about the active support of our loving Creator. We could, according to some reports on the internet (which we deliberately do not link here, like all others quoted here), wrap the whole earth in golden light in our imagination, with the idea that all people come into their consciousness of their life, into their love, that they connect with nature, with plants, animals and the other people. We could imagine that all the electromagnetic rays coming from 5-G transmitters, from satellites or from ring particle accelerators, that all these energies would simply be transformed into golden dust, which would slowly trickle down to the earth and spread evenly over the ground.
Of course we distance ourselves at this point from such recommendations, we only reproduce what we have heard elsewhere. Everybody must be responsible for himself, what he does and what he doesn't do...


last updated 29.07.2022
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