About living in love with plants, animals and humans

and possibly with the one who created this earth and all the beautiful creatures with love

There are many atheists and agnostics. They reject - for understandable reasons - not only the religions and the esotericism, but also the study of these topics.
There furthermore are many people who believe that we have a soul and that there are one or more gods, spirits, angels, and other wondrous things. These things are usually hidden for us, but they are significant and we could or even "should" connect with them.
People who believe in a spiritual or "supernatural" reality are for the most part more or less active or involved in religion or esotericism.
And in between there is (almost) nothing!
Actually, we know or could we know that something is wrong with the religions. In particular, the so-called monotheistic religions live a permanent contradiction to their own teachings. The religions are responsible for wars, violence and alienation from life. Other religions, also called "nature religions", are obviously bleak and contain "wisdom" that we would be reluctant to follow if there were no compelling reasons for it. The Greek or Roman myths are such an example of a "gods family" that would not really be nice and an unbiased person would rather hope that he had nothing to do with it.

Why shouldn't we deal with religions without believing anything? Why shouldn't we think and speak about "supernatural" things without having to believe them right away, without going into religions or esoteric practices?

Of course, this is possible and, from my point of view, helpful because it opens up a lot of interesting insights for those who are doing it. I have been interested in religions all my life, I have never found a religion because everything seemed too compulsive and dishonest to me.
I have had many contacts with esoteric people in recent years. I took these people very seriously. But I could not understand that on the one hand, they were so profoundly thinking about the important things in life and knew so much about that, but that on the other hand they vehemently denied the existence of certain conspiracy(s). I could not understand that they - and this is the crucial - did not want to acknowledge, that they were recognizably living the spirituality that for example was designed by Helena Blawatski in the service of high finance many decades ago and with which she already trained Hitler. In addition, many esotericists did not want to realize that virtually all of their thought leaders and gurus make themselves known by gestures and by their thinking as a freemason or secret agent.

At the latest since this realization, which I got about the year 2008, I was upset with this game.
On the other hand, I had seen too much to want to go back to a point of view from which I wanted to deny everything supposedly "supernatural."
And no matter what I think is possible or not, it is only the one who deals with spiritual issues who makes it clear what a crucial element satanic spirituality is in the hands of the powerful, for the exercise of their power or whatever power. Those who refuse to engage in spiritual questions (even if they are completely disbelieving) can not understand what is going on on this earth. And if few of the "supernatural" things were true, engaging with this spirituality would be essential to protect oneself.

I want to say in advance: I myself came to the conviction in the course of my study of these topics that it would be NOT IMPORTANT "to believe" anything. I will tell you NOT to "worship" any god or human or any thing or anything else. I'm even assuming that they can learn from Yeshua that they need no religion, no worshiping of anything to be connected to what Yeshua calls "father." I speak of the Yeshua described in the Bible, even though the Bible, like all scriptures, is a fundamentally untrustworthy source for me.

So follow me on a homepage that may be the only home page on the web, but at least one of very few homepages that are interested in spiritual issues, but recommends to avoid religions, esotericism and worshipping of any thing, use of symbols or rites and temples of any kind from the front.

Let's start with the basic "insights" from the point of view, per example, of the Bible:

The "monotheist" religions (the religions pretending to honor only one God or saying there is only one God at all) - these religions tell of one who created this earth and all life on earth. It had been on this earth / Eden "paradisiacal" states, until the serpent came and caused a chaos, the real meaning of which most people (including me) can barely really understand.
The one referred to here is referred to as "the one who created plants, animals and men out of and with love" - ​​or, in short, as the "loving creator". This is not a name, but a description that should describe this being or whoever or whatever it is, so clearly that a confusion with other beings, "gods" or things should be excluded. I want to distinguish the one I am talking about here from other gods or whatsoever, and I do not know any better or simpler description to avoid misunderstandings, which sometimes can be wanted.

According to this description, our "loving Creator" clearly stands for the dear life on this earth - plants, animals and people. These three could live happily and peacefully without technology, civilization and destruction in loving union for many centuries, millennia or more, even though we are nearly eight billion people.

According to tradition, the creation of this earth was based on the agreement that the angels should not interfere on this earth so that humans and other living things could have lived undisturbed and in love here. I can not tell you a source. But anyway, I do not know any source that I would believe in, I am telling this "detail" because it seems revealing to me to understand many processes in esoteric and religions because it would explain much to me. If this were true then there would definitely be no pure spiritual contact on this earth except our loving Creator, with whom we could get in touch without leaving our Loving Creator. Neither "angels of the light," nor archangels, who sound so sacred in religious writings because of their mention, would therefore be beings whom we should ask for help. The same would apply to "saints". We do not need saint worship!
Above all then a very strong and beautiful angel was not satisfied with that and demanded more for himself. When he did not get it, when our loving Creator refused to agree to the proposed deal, "he cooked his own soup" and sneaked into paradise. According to tradition, Adam's job was to protect Paradise from intruders. The fact that Adam had failed with this task or that this strong angel had turned away from our loving Creator with obviously very destructive intentions, was perhaps the really fatal process in the so-called sin fall. According to tradition, Lucifer had taken down about a third of all angels down to earth. Since they had turned away from our loving creator in this process, they no longer had their protection (how do you want to protect someone who at every opportunity acts against your good advice, and this also applies to us humans) and were on this earth they are helplessly exposed to the satanic system of power and its hierarchy. Perhaps many of those fallen angels in their hearts were not or are not malignant or destructive from the outset. But they no longer have the freedom to be truly affectionate and helpful, because they would then be persecuted, as was Yeshua of Nazareth, and how countless ordinary people are persecuted, humiliated, tortured and tortured by a fascist system.
If these are all traditions of religions, which in my view we should not trust, why do I tell you these specific statements, why could they be relevant? I think that can only be understood by someone who has dealt with the power on this earth and with their conspiratorial all-embracing networks. Someone who has understood to what extent the worldly power concentrated on one point controls any spiritual flow. Imagine, in the immediate vicinity of this earth, this power monopoly would continue in the spiritual realm. Then there would be just as few "angels" who could move independently from this one power, as Jeshua and his disciples were permanently on the run and the early Christians were murdered by the hundreds. Do you think these conditions have changed today? Do you think you could find a group somewhere or in the Internet that would give them the "true primitive Christianity" and the "true teachings without being locked away already long ago? - And in that sense: Do you think that you could "loudly" call in silent prayer for "pure, bright angels" and then appear spiritual beings who would be above the dark power all over the world?
(Fallen) Angels with love in their "hearts" who are strong enough to oppose this power would presumably also have the power to ask our loving creator for forgiveness and thus reach him again (and thus leave the earth). But if I assume that only a part of the same power rules in the close environment of the earth, which also controls the earth, then an angel, who would be connected with our loving creator, becomes very quiet and inconspicuous and only seldom in to move near ours. And if these "conspiracy theories", which I will not discuss here, are too strange to you - even in the Bible (which is not a fundamentally trustworthy book for me), there are many impressive clues as to how powerless "God" is on this earth , And I would suppose that by "God" the Bible means our loving creator in this case.

The power elite of this earth has recently been quite openly known to worship or serve Satan, Lucifer and the other fallen angels or gods. The Masonic self-image sees Satan as the "really good God" and assumes that Jesus himself was privy in a Masonic sense and therefore had actually worshipped Satan. I definitely do not want to spread this view, I definitely do not share it, I just pass on this information about the Masonic self-image. Furthermore, the Freemasons, which exist in their present form since the mid-eighteenth century, consider themselves a continuation of a power structure and civilisation that already goes back to the Egyptians, so that their system of power is based on a duty of service and secrecy, which already existed on this earth since that time.
We can now see clearly how the power elite of this earth is driving the enslavement of humans, animals, and even plants, systematically destroying this earth, including the basic resources we need to live. This suggests that their connection to their satanic religion is indeed marked by the spirit of an "antagonist" who turns against the loving Creator or at least against the creation of the life on this earth. This spirit is not only directed against the physical basis of life. Obviously, the powerful of this earth are struggling through the media, the increasingly fascistic power systems, through the culture, that we humans are unable to the loving connection to each other, to all other life (plants and animals) and to independent life in general. They systematically guide us to participate directly or indirectly, for example through consumption, in the creation of suffering and to take responsibility for suffering and destruction. I personally suspect that the really powerful ones are either so directly manipulated, brainwashed or simply occupied that they can no longer pursue their own interests, or that they no longer rely on a life on this planet, but that they have a plan to leave this earth after the destruction they have done. I have no idea how to do that. But the completeness of the destruction they are visibly operating indicates that they seem to have no interest, even the rudimentary conservation of this earth. I also can not believe that they do not overstate the consequences of their actions because they are very well informed about these consequences. Also, I exclude purely economic interest or pure geostrategic interests. Money and power have the really powerful circles in a degree that few people can imagine.

Therefore, before I even begin to believe anything, I can quickly decide for myself by the imagery of this simple spiritual information that in any case, if I seek a spiritual connection, I seek the connection to the one, who has created plants, animals and humans with love and in no case to fallen angels. If people tell me there is a better god in reality, then I have no way to compare gods in themselves and to rate them for me. But if on this earth the quality of the different spiritual connections is so clearly recognisable on the "fruits", then at least I know exactly which gods I do not want to honour. In any case, if I love this earth and all dear life on this earth. Of course I continue to find it sad that our lives are also based on eating other lives, but that is another dimension than systematically destroying lives and sowing hatred and suffering, as we can recognise it at the religions of the powerful people of this earth.
Furthermore, the simple attribution to me that life without civilisation and at least very little technique is intended by our loving creator and could be in equilibrium for a very long time, whereas the system of civilisation, systems of power, escalating technology, of Consumption and the isolation of all humans is assigned with the fallen angels, especially with Satan and Lucifer.
Actually, for me personally, the direct perception of the destruction of this earth by Satanists is one of the clearest indications that the loving Creator could exist, because this bitter struggle against life on this earth is hardly explainable or comprehensible without hostility to this loving Creator.

For the connection to our loving creator, we obviously need no rites, symbols, religions or well-defined beliefs. We are connected with him from birth and we can easily recognise him in all things life on this earth, connecting with him in this.
To be connected to him, it is enough to live in love with plants, animals and people.
The Bible too knows no symbols or rituals, which would be necessary for connection with "god" and on the other hand nearly all symbols and rituals can be found to be part of other religions or to lead to other "gods".
This statement and some of the folowing statements are from Jegoo (see informations). I have no prove for the validity of those statements, but I simply regard them to be logical or obvious.
Misfortunes happen to all of us, and we harm others. These events remove us from our "brothers and sisters", also among the plants and animals. That does not mean that we should not eat plants and animals. Unfortunately, that's what we have to do to survive. But if we recklessly deal with living beings, we will move away from them. To heal this distance, we can go to forgiveness. We can ask those we have damaged for forgiveness and, of course, forgive those who have harmed us. By the way, forgiveness does not mean to tolerate. At the same time, I can say to one person that I forgive her and, if necessary, in the same breath, say that a harmful and unfair behavior on his part will not be tolerated from now on and in case of doubt he will try to prevent it with the necessary means. Furthermore, I can ask for forgiveness without having a direct conversation with the person with whom I am involved in a bad way, simply by saying this out of my heart when a conversation with the person in question is not possible.
This forgiveness liberates us immensely, for it frees the paralyzing entanglement that has resulted from injustice, in both directions. And and it re-establishes the loving bond with those whom we have harmed or who have harmed us.
And through the loving connection to plants, animals and people we are almost automatically connected to our loving Creator. More is not needed! Much more will not bring us closer to our loving Creator.

And then there is the sharing. If people live in wealth and show no compassion for needy people, then that certainly can not be described as life in love. It's certainly not about carelessly squandering his belongings. But those who are confronted with the need of honest people, will recognize in such encounters whether he has a heart.

The religions can not connect us with our loving creator. The names, rites, images and symbols used in them lead us to the "fallen angels" already described in the monotheistic religions. Let's be clear: the term "monotheistic" does not apply to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, for example. Even in the Bible, the Ten Commandments state, among other things, that we should not serve any other gods. This statement makes no sense if these other gods do not exist, because then service to them would in the worst case be harmless. Fallen angels, angels or gods are described in all religions.

It's about accepting one another in love, sharing, and forgiveness.
It will not be harmful to pray. However, it already is enough if you only want the things that are close to your heart. More (and that too) is not required to be associated with our Loving Creator. What you say and wish, hears our loving creator and your wishes are a concern to him, he will support them as far as possible and possibly as far, as the fullfillment of wishes is really helpfull. If you desire pure wealth, validity, or power, he probably will not think you are in connection with him. And if you love him, you can delight him most if you simply live in love with all the plants, beasts, and humans of this earth, and if you avoid the destructive system of civilization, as well as the (destructive) service of fallen angels. No, Jealous in the true sense is not our loving creator for my opinion. He just wants to see his creation flowering, loving and living in joy. That is, in my opinion, everything he wants. We do not need religion, beliefs, symbols or rites to fulfill this in order to be close to it.

Incidentally, our loving Creator does not "judge". He does not decide who comes to heaven and who does not. He does not count on any deeds or even avenge misdeeds.
It is up to us whether we choose it or not. Whoever chooses the loving connection to our loving Creator (and thus necessarily goes into the loving connection with plants, animals and people), will probably be confronted after his death with many things he has done to plants, animals or humans and it is up to us to go to forgiveness in order to remain in loving connection with them, or even to get into this connection in the first place. It is certainly not an easy hurdle for us, from the complete blindness, conformation, constipation, and alienation of all the dear life that we all on this earth are forced to undergo, to really find in the cordial connection to our origin. But most of all, it's up to us to seek and go that way.
After our death, just as we experience it on earth in the many religions, we will once again recognise various offers for the "most beautiful, most comfortable and lush of skies" or simply for the "only true and right heaven" (which by no means is the heaven of our loving Creator), so that we might not need to confront ourselves with our misconducts with life and our distance to life and love. Presumably, after our death, the struggle for souls continues, which we have already been able to get to know in the esoteric and in the religions on earth.
And, presumably, the spiritual imprint acquired on Earth will have a major impact on OUR free choice of one of the many "heavenly" heavens offered. Yes, and then everyone has to decide for themselves whether he expects a "heaven" of fallen angels or Satan to live in happily after death. Presumably, the various offerings will build on all the imprints that we have acquired in life through symbols, tattoos, images of saints, rituals and divine ideas, so that one or the other "heaven" seems to us as if it were the "right one". How should we be able to differentiate between our lives, where we want to go, if we could not distinguish ourselves already on earth, where so much is clearly recognisable, and let us lead us into the "right" religion? Here decides our alertness, our love, our incorruptibility and truthfulness against temptations about our skill!
Hints for this life after death in this heaven provide the handling of the fallen angels with chickens for egg production on this earth. Our loving creator certainly did not want that. The lovelessness of the servants of the fallen angels is the cause of chicken-cage attitude and the connection of these farms to these satanic religions is recognisable. In that sense, there is definitely no hell that entertains our loving Creator, but we have the free choice to go to the Heaven we are coming from or to another, if we promise anything of it. However, if the apocalypse were to apply to a particular point, deviating from what we have just said, we might have to share in the eschatological battle for that earth in the "heaven" of the fallen angels their horrible destiny describing the apocalypse, the earth to liberate from these fallen angels. But a purgatory, which serves to purify souls, I do not believe.


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