What can we do?

Well, I do not know what's next. But after all, some people fear that we are somewhat in the spirit of the biblical apocalypse in a kind of end times. Against this background, the following considerations move.

The humans would, if they were to wake up and simply refuse the satanic system of power, presumably to this day have the power to avert this catastrophe, which in any case (even if we had no end time) will roll towards us.
However, I find it unrealistic that this will happen. Too much the less loving ones know the psyche of the people too routine they now drive the cart to the wall.
A heartfelt commitment to love and against Fascist satanic power can, however, noticeably ease the suffering that will befall human beings and other sentient beings. So it is still valuable to open your mouth, to wake people up and to oppose injustice, deceit and delusion.

Added to this is the need to protect oneself, especially in the present. If we really slide into the end times, then we will need many people who simply physically support and help each other. It's about stockpiling food, getting smaller amounts of gold (the smallest possible units to buy even small things, if there's only the implanted microchip), survival strategies, finding small communities of people, who want to live in love outside the religions and the system. Especially in recent times, for example, homeless people are increasingly hunted more cruel, tortured, expropriated and so on. Some of the homeless have come into this situation because they have denied the system for the rest of their lives in the spirit of the loving Creator. If you are really looking for the connection to the loving creator, this fate can flourish too, because the power elite pursues even the seemingly innocent "dropouts" with lack of perfection. But if you go through that time without letting yourself be turned aside by our loving Creator, then you may suffer less, as the apocalypse is described, than people who are more comfortable with the system have gone and the various ugly plagues have to endure.
In this sense, simply preparing for survival in difficult times is one of the tasks of a loving person. Presumably it makes no sense to build a bunker, as there will be no safe place worldwide. It may be necessary for people who are in touch with our loving Creator to remain mobile in any way. In the beginning, it can be helpful to have a car or even a campervan that transports a lot of provisions and equipment. I say that as someone whose life was very critical of cars for environmental reasons. But now it's about survival. But it should also include a large backpack with a sleeping bag and a tent, because the car may be taken or it will not get through. Also, dealing with the seers Irlmaier and Nostradamus (via Rose Stern) may provide evidence of good places to survive. Another note was provided by a friend who mentioned the weak magnetic field over southern Brazil ("South Atlantic Anomaly"), which could possibly be less harmful to beam-weapon attacks. It is reported by the peoples of India, China and Islam that they openly represent slavery as a legitimate social model. They could overrun Europe and Russia after a world war. People without money (and that would be all Europeans according to the expropriation seen by Irlmaier) are for them from the outset slaves. Germany and large parts of Europe will probably soon become a trap in which the borders could be closed and in which then ugly conflicts with Salafists could take place until the enlargement of the wars on Germany, which is obviously recognizable even by the BND and anyway by the CIA are supported.
So there is probably no place on earth for which one could say today that he is safe (we can not say that anyway, we are not seers and all these sources are obviously already part of the satanic system from a spiritual point of view) ,
All I'm saying is that survival may be one of our most significant tasks. And it is important to stay in love, to share, to forgive and to accept one another.
To survive or prepare to survive and share, I remember the parable of the virgins and the wedding (Matthew 25: 1-13). It may be an indication that people who have secured the necessities of survival to survive this difficult time are not carelessly distributing those things to people who, despite known warnings, have not thought about it and if these things are really necessary for survival are. The parable could also be an indication that exactly the above cited clues to the preparations for survival just in the present time in the sense of our loving creator could.

If the persecution of free people becomes more violent, the powerful will offer some benefits to system loyalists. It will not be too many who will survive these crises and remain free of the system's bondage. The people trapped in the system will be virtually all chipped.
The survivors of free humans will probably be assigned the task of rebuilding this earth and reviving life. According to the Bible, the free surviving humans would be physically raptured out of this earth for the time when the earth, already completely destroyed by the satanic system, would be cleansed of all the less loving spirits. After that, the surviving humans who stayed with our loving Creator would rebuild the Earth. And for that, probably just survivors are needed, at least that's what I imagine. Survivors who have remained in touch with our loving Creator, because those who have turned away would risk to betray the earth again to the fallen angels.

One way or another, I imagine my task. This is not really comfortable, at least until the time when everything is over for the time being.
After that it might be as beautiful as we would have hardly ever experienced it before.
In any case, out of pure self-interest, I find it desirable to be one of those survivors who have stayed with our loving Creator. It is said that the people who remained in contact with the loving Creator would also receive a great deal of help in the end times, would be guided almost directly by him, so that they blindly always in front of their enemies safe places and helps can find. It is also implied that this end time, once it had begun in full severity, would take a limited number of years (I do not commit myself there, Bible Students read that out of the Apolalypse). The whole horror would therefore also have a foreseeable end, which most people who read this here would also experience. It will not be easy, as I said before, but it should be worthwhile in the very self-serving sense (and at the same time for the benefit of all humans, animals and plants and this wonderful earth).


last updated on 17.10.2017