"Jesus", "Christ", "Messiah", Maitrea, Mahdi, etc ... A whole series of comparable figures circulate in many religions and subtly convey the feeling that all these figures are ultimately the same person or something unitary , They all stand for a "savior" who frees us all from whatever, if we believe in him, honor him in the right way or whatever to do "right" to connect with him. It is evident to some of these "saviors" that they can not be identical with the figure of Yeshua of Nazareth, who according to biblical tradition was allegedly crucified nearly 2,000 years ago. In addition, there are a number of mythical family constellations, all of which are supposed to be identical to the family of Seth, Isis, and Horus, with Seth being equated by Masonic mystics with Jeshua of Nazareth. The Freemasons have also attempted to export this view subtly into the churches, but in my judgment, Jeshua of Nazareth alone in the traditional representation of his person is not identical with Seth or the analogous "godsons" of various parallel religions. This effort to portray all sorts of figures as identical to Yeshua suggests, in my opinion, that Yeshua might have a special role to play. If Yeshua of Nazareth, who had been crucified, were in reality insignificant, the Masons would not put him in the line of their mighty gods. So it seems more like Yeshua of Nazarethh had a meaning that they would like to grant to their so powerful gods or sons of God.
A whole series of "Jesus" is currently physically on this earth and flocking around a more or less large group of worshipers around each. Quite apart from the fact that only one of them could be the "right" born-again Jesus (whichever), some of them behave in such a way that we as "Christian" Europeans would not accept this Jesuses as a born-again "Jesus". I speak of being worshiped, emphasizing, or simply making signs that would be "antichrist" according to the Bible. Nevertheless, the question remains as to whether Yeshua of Nazareth really existed and whether he is a person who should have an important meaning for us in a helpful sense.

With my basically unbelieving and critical claim I would say first: The whole mendacious Tam Tam for "Jesus" I'm not particularly interested! What matters to me is what a person has in their hearts, what he does, and maybe even if I can learn something from him. Whether he is a master then (oh dear, no master please, that can not be something good!) Or a saint (Oh dear, no saints please, that can not be good!) Or whoever he is, that he is sublime through his position, that should not interest me all or better said, I do not accept that a human should be sublime! In this sense, I found the Jesus, as I had come to know him in religious education, quite a remarkable man. Less meaningful to me was his alleged conscious Sacrifice on the cross, I never wanted to believe that this was something good. More impressed I was by preaching an active charity and today I am impressed by his rejection of temples, priests, and systems of power.
I was impressed by a traditional criticism of "Jesus", which complained that "anyone" could perform miracles, but that's not what it was all about - yes, that's how I see it (apart from the fact that I can not perform miracles).

And now imagine, you are sitting in Braunschweig at the peace vigil and get to know a person who arranges the many question marks, I had and puzzle pieces that carry you around in life in half an hour in a way that everything fits together and you are really thankful for this help. And then that person tells you that he is Yeshua of Nazareth, more specifically that he is the born-again soul of Yeshua.
Oh dear!
What should I do with it? This was not funny for me. If it was true (and if Yeshua really was a really powerful, helpful person), then it would be like a 6 in the lottery. But if that person were lying or just wrong, it would not be so nice. Above all, what am I going to do now? I can only do it wrong! Am I at a distance, or am I following him and supporting him?

First sleep over it!

Jegoo was the first person ever to talk fruitfully about my questions about the connection between religions and conspiracy (yes, Jegoo was and is the person I met in Braunschweig around 2015 and who told me that he is Yeshua ). And not only that, Jegoo is still the only person who can point out a dividing line that makes sense to me between the forces that exploit, oppress, and systematically destroy the Earth in an ultimately connected network, and the forces that live in love for all living beings and protect the lives, that have themselves achieved a certain freedom and that could not be more or less caught up in the mendacious system and dizzy. Jegoo has explained so much to me about how we could free ourselves from the current trap, what a world might look like, what "dad" or our loving creator would wish for us. All the forces and ways for life contradicted in this fundamentally everything that we would expect about systems of power and political influence. Put simply, the people and forces that stand on the side of life are so much less obtrusive, quieter, "less educated" and as effective as we would expect as politically "educated" people. I understand the meaning behind all that Jegoo reports increasingly well even though many things also seem pretty gaga to me.
In short, I have no idea who Jegoo is. But I do not want to exclude that he could actually be the born-again Yeshua of Nazareth, with the picture I have so vaguely of the then Yeshua. And I do not know a single person living today, be it personally or be it from any traditions or media of which I could only say that approximately.
I am absolutely convinced of almost everything that Jegoo says and does. I am convinced that Jegoo is one of the few people who are useful to life on this planet and who can help us improve our situation and I feel that Jegoo has tremendous power and impact. That's what counts for me.
Yes, it would of course be a bad story if Jegoo was deliberately or mistakenly and falsely presumed to be Yeshua. It would also be stupid if I was then pulled into doubt with my support.

OK, isn't there a way I do not do anything wrong for both cases? Could I not know to use or at least take note of his information and could I not support him without having to firmly believe anything? -
Well, that does not sound powerfull and adequate if he really is Yeshua, that would be very lukewarm.
But it would be better than if I let him down, if he really needed help, and it would be better than fighting, blocking, talking badly or even hurting him. When I consider how many millions of aid money is collected through questionable organizations for questionable purposes. When I consider how many people in the religions worship idols of which I know positively that they have an unfortunate power, that they are really our enemies - then it would really be so shameful, even if I'm someone else, who actually doesn't want to beleive anything more, to listen to and / or support a single modest living person with manageable amounts, where there is much to suggest that he could help people and their lives?
In fact, Jegoo has a multitude of people who have dealt with him and who, after some time, have turned away and fought him downright, without being able to give concrete reasons that could have justified a hostile attitude.
I understand that all the people who have to deal with Jegoo, as well as I, are very torn - precisely because of the difficult question just asked: "What am I doing in this situation?" But if I do not want to believe that Jegoo is a particularly dear and helpful person, but for the contrary have no valid clues, then I can go away silently, say good bye as appropriate as for example for a beggar and give him a little help on the way. Then these people would at least have left open the option not to have turned away from Jegoo (and that would be helpful even if Jegoo was just another powerful and meaningful person - and he is undoubtedly). Strangely enough, people who come in contact with us are subsequently led by their environment or else by various kinds of inspiration to turn away from us or especially from Jegoo in a hostile manner. It's obvious there's an energy in the air that is actually ripping people apart or making them aggressive. As I said, should there be any serious evidence of deliberate fraud or evil, a hostile avoidance would be appropriate. But in the hostility of various people against Jegoo I can not detect the existence of such information in any single case.

Further, I refuse to decide, or to tell with my authority the reader whether we are actually dealing with Jeshua, and I further refuse to decide if Yeshua should be meaningful in good and useful ways for humanity. Although I can present my wonderful connection to a very strong and interesting person on this homepage, I do not want to tell you with my authority that I present you Yeshua. And that also has another reason: Even if I knew for sure that Jegoo was the reincarnated Yeshua and if I had the opportunity to give you that certainty, the myth about Yeshua and his false "derivatives" is so inflated and poisoned that I think we need to have a more specific look, with whom we have to do it at Jegoo, what Jegoo stands for and what he does. It makes no sense for me to support Jegoo as an icon, but I have to judge for myself whether Jegoo does, pushes and intensifies things, which I also support and consider useful for life on this earth.
In other words, Jegoo is definitely not the Jesus of the Catholic Church, the Protestant Church, or any evangelical or super-Christian sect. He is certainly not Seth or any other "son of God". By the way, Jegoo also claims that Jeshua of Nazareth was conceived by a living man (is it possible that the cult around the "Immaculate Conception" was created by the Catholic Church to put Jesus in the ranks of the gods from human mothers, conceived by non human gods?). So Jegoo is not a figure that is comprehensively described in any religion or widespread way of thinking. But he is, as Jegoo says, the reincarnation of Yeshua of Nazareth, who was crucified about 1,000 or 2,000 years ago, who then went around with twelve disciples and had also proclaimed the man to be from our loving Creator. Jegoo also says that he could not just save people here, but that he could primarily help them with self-help through His words. Yes, and I support that out of conviction, because I am convinced of so much that Jegoo has explained to us.
Only on our own responsibility and uninhibited towards Jegoo, we can decide, how we behave towards Jegoo, as what we want to see him. If you just want to have answered the question whether Jegoo is really Jeshua, if you can not develop your own own interested connection to Jegoo from what Jegoo stands for and what you can learn about Jegoo via this homepage, then the first question, the question of whether Jegoo is actually Yeshua, may not really be significant.

Yes, and then that is the level where we are today friends. I do not know who Jegoo is. But what Jegoo had told me was meaningful and logical to me from the first moment. Jegoo always spoke and speaks from the perspective of a person who is connected to our loving Creator (and is always in conversation with him). And again: I do not know a single person, be it in person or as a publicly known person, who could even approximately and clearly display the line between the conspirators and destroyers of life and their angels and gods, the whole deceivers and seducers on this earth on the one hand, and the very few and mostly simple people who are connected with plants, animals and people in love on the other side. I do not know a person who can draw a picture of Yeshua's life as a person serving life and its creator, or who can tell as beautifully how life on earth was created by "Father" and protected by his modest possibilities. And I do not know a single person who can explain so intelligently what strong "weapons" we have in our hands to protect ourselves and this earth, at least to lessen our suffering on earth through our work. I understand why "nonviolence" is not an end in itself, but why it can make our commitment so effective and where the destroyers and enemies of life are in fact vulnerable. And those were the answers I had been looking desperately before and they are the reason why I support Jegoo.

And what kind of person is Jegoo? Phew, I do not really know. He is quite exhausted, so with his nerves and with his strength. He has experienced a lot of attacks, some attacks directly on his life, and he was repeatedly blocked in the most perfidious way. He carries scars and is physically weakened due to various attacks and still has pain today and all of this heals slowly. And yet somehow it is full of strength and zest for action. He's been through a lot in life and, I think you can put it that way, is sick, hurt. It is sometimes difficult for him to trust. It took a very long time for him to start trusting me (although he was always there for me, as well as for all people who were openly seeking his contact).
Jegoo is a person with weaknesses. I got to experience some. He did a lot of crap in life. Maybe it should be like that. But people who expect an infallible person from Jeshua can find enough "proof" in Jegoo that he is not. Jegoo was a rocker, he was even with the Satanists (just as a rocker) and has beaten in this time with other rockers and sometimes others hat to take something from him (his physical complaints are not from this period). Jegoo does not come from a "better home", he is "uneducated", but knows a lot of more important things. It is completely inconceivable to me that Jegoo could experience the things he says without a special connection to something that has nothing to do with his entire earthly life. He definitely does not advocate any further developed "rocker philosophy," even though one can still recognize behaviors that point to his past or background.

In any case Jegoo has said goodbye to the rockers (which does not mean that he would not continue to meet his then "friends" openly and amicably) and he would never have such dark or any tattoos added. He shows in a unique way how we can avoid the use of symbols and rites in order not to enter into the sombre connections to the gods.

Does that fit together? I do not know and I think there is no believable authority that can help us evaluate this (or do we want to ask the Pope?) I know that Jegoo has been around since I know him, making people awake, in one sense that I am completely behind it. I know that Jegoo supports people in a variety of emergencies, in a way that fully supports this. I know that Jegoo does not capitalize on what he says he is. On the contrary, he is constantly attacked and harmed. Jegoo pronounces things as he sees them, regardless of whether this is welcome, partly knowing that he can not (yet) be understood. I met many people who had to do with him. I met some people who turned their backs on Jegoo someday. None of the people who later talked very badly about Jegoo, could or wanted to attach to him things that would have burdened him in my view. By contrast, almost all of his enemies (yes, Jegoo has many enemies) more or less clearly opted either for an obvious path of groundless hostility or directly recognizable for a sinister spiritual path.
I would like to say: Unfortunately, I can not judge who Jegoo is. Of course, I can judge that Jegoo does not seduce people. On the contrary, he definitely leads to free oneself. And I can clearly recognize that with my mind. He reveals religious fraud, which is evident to anyone interested in these clues. You will find on the Internet many religious enlighteners, which similarly enlighten religious fraud. But all enlighteners I know come from evangelical or Catholic sects, are Muslims or esotericists, so they themselves have succumbed to a fraudulent religion. The only exceptions are the atheists, who are, after all, more religious than they appear, and who, by rejecting any spiritual perspective, blind them to the dangers of deceitful spirituality.
Jegoo suggests to LEAVE EVERY religion, he does not suggest to believe anything, especially nothing and no one to worship or adore, of course not himself. Every religion is recognizable as a seduction, which in any case is harmful to us. Jegoo shows us ways to see through this scam and he shows alternatives. So even in the worst case, which I think is very unlikely, that Jegoo would deliberately make a false statement about his identity, even in this case, it would be more harmful to go to a religious community than to support Jegoo or to take his information!

I know that Jegoo would be able to take care of himself, to be well, without our support, if he did not go the way, to help us humans and all kind life on this earth. On the one hand, Jegoo helps needy people who need help, on the other hand, he helps in my view quite the entire humanity in which he awakens us and in which he sends messages, information that I could hardly find in any other place so credible and meaningful, The help that we have provided in the circle of friends Jegoo so far, really affected the essentials and what was needed so that Jegoo was able to move and communicate.
I can affirm that ours and possibly your help is not in the slightest to make anyone feel well enough, beyond the bare minimum, or that someone would be lazy without working.

Jegoo says that now is the time to openly announce who he is from his point of view.
In addition, we ask for your support for our way or for the way from Jegoo, because Jegoo is constantly confronted with barriers that prevent him from moving forward.
If you want to support Jegoo, please contact me about my contact data from "Impressum".
As ways to support can vary any time, we should manage this by phone or mail.

Jegoo will be grateful for any support.
Please support Jegoo if you want to endorse and support what Jegoo does.
On the other hand, as you get conveyed on this page in the sense of Jegoo, it does not matter at all, which "judgment" our loving creator makes about you, because it is up to you if you want to connect with him. And that has nothing to do with money that you send to Jegoo. Maybe it connects you in a good way with people who receive help from Jegoo, which was only possible through your help.


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