How can I find out about what is going on on this earth?

Through the books "Die Insider" by Garry Allen and "Die 13 satanischen Blutlinien" by Robin de Ruiter (available only through the small publisher "Pro Fide Catholica") I began to understand how the conspiracy works. Garry Allen makes a rather unsympathetic impression, he acts unnecessarily right-sided and violent. He goes to so much trouble to base his statements on sources that I hardly know any economic experts who doubt his statements. The book makes a well-researched research and confines itself largely to the economic and political aspects of history. Robin de Ruiter, on the other hand, claims to have sneaked into the high power circles and thus acquired insider knowledge himself. This statement is difficult to believe in itself. If someone wants to go high, he must have already demonstrated his willingness to commit the most serious crimes (and thus already caused a lot of damage). Thus, the reader does not have the opportunity to verify the said. However, the key messages from de Ruiter are confirmed in so many sources and even on television in one way or another, so that the book nevertheless seems believable on the bottom line and most likely reflects in its fundamentals the truth. It essentially ties up a meaningful relationship between otherwise known facts. However, this book is so bleak that the reading of a sensitive person will lead to a certain time of depression. That was the case with me. It makes no sense to "pull in" such gloomy content on the ongoing band. On the other hand, it is not possible to find solutions if we refuse the gloomy truth. Anyone who mentally goes down at least once in the valley, in which we are unfortunately, will find that there are ways down there and that it can go up. If you want to stay up or float out of fear, you will never find these hopeful ways.

To the conspiracy - the Five Eyes

Oh yes - Speaking of "conspiracy-hammer" - if someone wants to cheat you off as a "conspiracy theorist" in the sense of distance from reality:
Be very calm, because in the meantime, almost all people have understood in-depth that this world is led by a self-empowered elite that has never outed the world openly.
Just ask if the person knows the "Five Eyes". In fact, in the meantime, all the secret services of the most powerful countries in the world have joined forces to form a solid alliance. Ask your interviewee if he knows someone who leads or controls this association, and if he knows anybody on this earth, such as the oh-so-powerful American president, who might put this union in his place or just forcefully intervene who could fight Five Eyes (how was it with Kennedy?). According to Wikipedia, the Five Eyes were initiated in 1946, beginning with the so-called "UKUSA Agreement" between England and the USA. Already in 1955 Germany joined as a partner. According to Wikipedia, the existence of these treaties was only publicly confirmed in 1999. So if such an incredible accumulation of power exists in secret for more than 50 years, if this power was known to be able to initiate or significantly influence wars, and worldwide, If this power is positioned in so-called democratic countries, but does not democratically legitimize itself with the best will, nor does it even state how and by whom this power is exercised - yes, how else do we call such a "phenomenon" than as "Conspiracy," better known as a one-world conspiracy?
If this person does not want to go further, avoid any further discussion. This person will probably bring their own agenda, which they will not openly tell them. This person probably does not even speak out of personal conviction. It's like a record with a scratch, lost love.

Satanic Christianity

Later, through the study of the religions, I realized the existence of satanic Christianity, which Satan conceives as the "really good god" and which also sees Yeshua as a Satanist. I repeat: I assume that Yeshua was alive and that after what he said in the Bible, he did not honor Satan, but the one I call our loving Creator. That in the Bible, among other things in the Old Testament and sometimes without appropriate explanation, the "gods" were exchanged, as the Masons believe, I think that is possible and even probable. But I definitely will not make Satan or other fallen angels my gods, as Freemasons openly do. For me, the key source of this insight was a book in which Masons openly recruit new members. In the sense of self-representation, there is not the slightest doubt in the authenticity of the book for me. However, as I have already been accused in connection with the naming of this book, I would subtly promote Freemasons, I call this book not here. I urge everyone not to join alliances that contain the elements of secrecy and service as a condition for accession. It is also completely illusory to gain access to valuable information or to do something good. To achieve this, unfortunately, these associations usually require the proof of sufficiently destructive action, which stands in the way of positive participation. As a free person, you can definitely do more, despite all visible limitations. That is actually the essential content of this homepage. This realization led me to write my first relevant homepage many years ago: At that time I used the term "soul of the universe" for "my God".


In the summer of 2015, I met Jegoo (Jens Gordon Gerbracht) at the Monday vigil in Braunschweig. Although I had been looking at these questions with almost anyone interested until then, I really had not found a single person who would have shown interest or openness in these questions. Jegoo was thus the first person with whom I could not only talk about these questions, but who had strengthened me in most of my findings and who had also gained even more significant further insights. Already in the first half hour of our first encounter, my world view had expanded to include very substantial content, which for me from this point onwards represent largely irrefutable statements. The most important statements for me were as follows: Jegoo confirmed the existence of "that created plants and animals and people out of and with love" and that in fact differs from everything we are served in religions more or less subtly. He also confirmed the existence of the fallen angels as a major cause of all the crap going on here on Earth. By the way he explained their effects, I was also aware of the limitations of our loving creator's ability to work on this earth, though he is nevertheless by far the more powerful in comparison to all other angels or gods. From this point of view or knowledge, it becomes clear to me what great significance our actions, and even the actions of very few dear people, on this earth are and will be for the working of our loving Creator. And he showed me how careful we must be to avoid somehow letting us get into all this crap and a more or less subtle connection with the fallen angels.
This entire Homepage plant animals and should more or less reflect the most important statements that I have heard from Jegoo. Jegoo does not have the opportunity to write in this form, which is why I take this according to my options. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to work together on this homepage, so that this homepage can not be understood as a word by Jegoo. Since I have dealt with the issues dealt with on this homepage a long time ago, I stand behind all statements that I make on this homepage with my own conviction. Since I also do not want to simply believe what I can not see directly, I also articulate this openness in various places and justify why I regard different statements as meaningful and helpful anyway.

Why can we find so many insightful sources?

Time and time again, I have wondered why despite the perfidious and comprehensive system of power, so much information is still available even in times when censorship is actually already fully installed. Why does the Catholic Church use the Bible to represent a book in which, despite all the supposed lies, there is probably so much truth left?
In response to this question, I see the following reasons, among others:

  • Only through the credibility, which can be conveyed by at least partially true information, can the more alert citizens be kept in the system or be tied to the information channels. If the powerful were to lose the more alert citizens completely, they would probably be more likely to wake up other citizens as well. Ultimately, in this relatively open information policy of the powerful again reflects the actual resilience of humanity against this destructive system. Not only did humanity fail, but a few righteous, truth-seeking, loving and courageous citizens were likely to be able to prevent much suffering and even worse delusion from humanity.
  • It is only through the availability of certain information that we have the free opportunity to decide for or against the satanic system or for or against individual elements of this satanic system. For those who are really powerful, as I said before, it is more important, that we take on as much as possible (joint) responsibility for the destruction of the earth and for the suffering inflicted on living beings, than simply wanting to destroy it. And they can only give us that responsibility if we had the chance to know the alternatives, even if they make it extremely difficult for us to recognize them out of the confusion of fraud. But, after all, they want to misguide our souls as one of their most important goals, and that is only through our free will and thus our ability to choose between the alternatives we know. If we had never known our loving Creator, then within the limits of our intelligence we could only choose between the union of exclusively fallen angels. That would not be a free decision.
  • And, moreover, the powerful and their more in-person lackeys want to shift as much of the guilt or responsibility for destruction to deeper members of the pyramid or unsuspecting idiots who do not understand how they can thereby "get the bad karma" for those acts themselves, to say it in the New Age language that the system lackeys think.

From this point of view, we may also find meaningful information in every horrible Scientology Hollywood action movie. It is not for nothing that the Matrix trilogy and other gritty dramas are popular among conspiracy theorists. By the way: Can you find many references to life, plants or dear animals (and no monsters) in these thrillers? At most in romantically transfigured manner outside the centers of power, but hardly in the actual places of the spectacle. The film "Avatar" is an interesting exception, which also offers many references to the views expressed on this website. By the way, in "Avatar" of course the transhumanist agenda is served full steam. And the fact that the solution can only be found through a violent war with many victims is symptomatic in the same way that Hollywood knows no conflict-resolution strategies other than violence and power. And of course the representation of the spirituality of the natives as shamanic romance is well served by the eso scene. Otherwise, this film really has some very touching aspects about what a love-life between plants, animals and humans might look like (and that has nothing to do with shamanism).

The "New Age Agenda"

The video "Aquarius: The Age of Evil (Full Movie)" (in English) shows in a very good way, how the leading Satanists in the service of the power elite provided the basis for practically all esoteric currents of the present. It shows how the "doctrine of salvation" of the "Age of Aquarius", in which everything would simply improve on its own thanks to the awakened consciousness of the people, was first developed and articulated by the same Satanists who once advised Hitler and in the service of high finance promoted his ascent from the spiritual side. That is very impressive. Anyone who has seen this documentary does not really want to do anything with channeling, shamanism and other esoteric practices. He will also be very sensitive to all sorts of promises of salvation, which announce from a purified humanity alone an overcoming of the current world dictatorship with their wars. In theory, I believe it is conceivable that people save themselves, even alone about their consciousness, their love and their clearly articulated will. But if the "apostles" of this rescue movement make use of the philosophy of their tormentors, if the rescue system has been developed by the satanic system of destruction, then logically enough, that can not be the case.

Something "lawyer"

An excellent account of the development of the laws, starting from the Roman Empire, was provided by the "Mensch Holger" in his remarks on the FRG in Part 1 and Part 2 (both in German). He shows how this system of laws, which in principle is valid until today, all People of this earth declared to be slaves, who ultimately under the power of the Roman emperor subordinate or today formally the pope as supreme slave owner. It shows how we are forced in this system to recognize these laws through various signatures and thus to legitimize this apparently satanic system with our free will.
What Holger does not say because he probably does not realize it is that there is a law from our loving creator, or more precisely, a fundamental right.
And that is the right to live. Every human being has the right to live freely on this earth without external compulsion or tribulation. And no one has the right to interfere with this right (except, I suppose, unless he must do so to protect his own right to live).
The important thing about the right of life that our loving Creator provides for every human being is that, formally acknowledged by the recognition of Roman laws by birth certificate, identity card and haste, we recognize the Roman laws and detach ourselves from the protection of the right of life. As a result, the powerful believe again to be able to derive a justification to suppress the people. And it will be harder for our loving Creator to protect the loved ones.
Our loving creator presumably has less to do with laws because love governs everything for him.

The seers

I also recommend to deal with Alois Irlmaier and Rose Stern, who interprets the old seer Nostradamus. Both of these sources are believed to have a spiritual connection with ISIS. As a matter of principle, I do not trust these sources. But both seers have been able to show that their predictions had an enormous hit rate. Together with other seers, they draw a comparatively uniform picture of the path to the Third World War and many of the foreseen events have already occurred, although the statements of the seers must have sounded completely abstruse to their own lives. You can simply enter both names in Youtube to search and receives a variety of videos offered.
The fact that both seers do not say anything about the implanted microchip, but that is actually being driven forward in many countries today, shows that they should not really have the task of warning people about a really significant issue. But maybe you can just help us survive the coming World War.

Christian sources ans sources about christianity

Outstanding education about Satanism also within the Church provide these videos:;;
I distance myself from the partial Bible faith of the speakers. However, this is not disturbing, because they show the inner contradictions to the Bible. The mendacity of the Vatican could hardly be more obvious than displayed simply by the photos of the Vaticans audience hall, built in 1971:

The "Infokrieger mit Christlicher Mission" provides a lot of information on his Youtube channel. Increasingly, he was "professionalized", offered animated images of spirits and has even ennobled even the aggressive approach of Trump against Korea as a proper behavior. The Bible-believing Jewish Christian, who does not reveal his name, has thus disqualified himself in all his credibility. Interestingly, however, is his more than five-hour video "Bible Studies - from Eden to the End Times", which throws a slightly different view of the narrative story from the Bible. It is not clear to me at the edge whether it was always the same God or if it was our loving Creator who accompanied the Israeli people through the history of the Bible. All Bible Students known to me testify that at least in the Old Testament different gods are described. Nonetheless, it is interesting to note the video as it shows that almost the entire world, in his view, could be the Israeli people of God. The lost tribes have spread all over the world. There are still some unanswered questions, as it would be, for example, with other races of humanity. But the video shows in a very moving manner how the history of humanity might be a struggle of our loving Creator (in the video, of course, is said by Yahweh) against the permanent misdirection of humanity by fallen angels and, as in this sense, the deluge just as the liberation from Egypt was a desperate attempt to liberate humanity and how these events could have parallels to the potentially imminent end-time.

Ivo Sasek operates a number of high-quality information portals in Switzerland, such as The political information is largely clean-researched and Sasek reveals many significant scandals of the church. He himself also does not enjoy real trust in me, I do not know what kind of spirituality he really lives.

The Bible

Oh yes, then there would also be the Bible as a source of information. I confess, I'm having a hard time with this book. I have started to read through them several times, and I stopped each one when it came to my mind, most recently with the exact description of the construction of the Ark of the Covenant, in which "God" wanted to be carried around by his people. Nor did I find the ravages of rests and laws which "God" or Yahweh wanted to impose on men almost intelligible. For many Christians, the Bible is the "pure and unadulterated Word of God." But for that alone, the genesis of the Bible in the responsibility of the last Roman emperors and their papal successors is too uncertain for me. In addition, I am very much "Agnostic" and rely more on the quality of the said, as I would blindly trust any book. My feeling today tells me that the Bible contains much more truth than even many Christians would believe, but in a few places the context has been changed a tiny bit so that readers can not understand the profound meaning and context completely mislead. The most important means of misguidance might be to imply false assumptions about their position with our loving Creator and his adversaries in various figures and spirits. For example, using the example of the Exodus with the Ark of the Covenant, this could mean that the God who had the Ark of the Covenant built (which presumably really existed and exists) might just have been a different God without the reader being told. In order to avoid misunderstandings: I have no knowledge about this and I do not want to claim this on the specific example given. I will only indicate by way of example how such a changed context can turn a possibly true story into a complete misguidance. This is my personal feeling for the Bible. It is probably a book with some of the most significant information that the inexperienced can barely decrypt, but which can be misused in the hands of the powerful in a variety of ways to completely mislead ordinary citizens.
In any case, I recommend reading the first approximately 30 pages of the Bible (Genesis or Creation History), the last approximately 30 pages of the Bible (the Apocalypse, Revelation, or "End Times"), the 10 Commandments in Exodus 20 or 2.Buch Moses, 20 (especially in the Catholic Unity Bible, in the Luther Bible, I could not find the so informative warning for the obligation to serve the other gods) and the reading of the Sermon on the Mount.
Significantly, these pages are not (only) because of their possible truth content, but above all because they are often implicitly referenced in spiritual contexts. For example, for the first time, I have clearly recognized the satanic orientation of the Masons from the correspondence of the Masonic promises with the words of the serpent of Genesis. Anyone who has internalized these few pages of the Bible can see much in the religions and spirituality as a clear positioning in the Bible's sense - on one or the other side.
The "apocalypse" or "revelation" is important to me because of some of the events that we can experience today. I also find it interesting to read the Apocalypse with the question, what could a human being do to find "God"? I come especially to two things repeated in the Apocalypse:
- "Do not let yourself be chipped" (in the Apocalypse, of course, the "mark of the beast" is the speech, not the implanted microchip)!
- "In no case go into the then prevailing global unified religion, which of course does not serve our loving creator!
Read through these pages. It gives me the impression that the people who would manage to avoid both the chiping and the dark religion in this absolutely beastly time, these people would have almost made it to "God".

Alberto Romero Rivera

The book of the former Jesuit Rivera is an urgent reading recommendation. He, too, writes in a sense as an insider who (involuntarily) as a child "crept in" or had been bettered into the high power circles and who, after many years, had awakened from his brainwashing and had left the criminal association of the Jesuits. This detachment is documented in the book worth reading and has actually cost him after a number of initially failed attempted murders then but by poisoning his life. All this is no proof of the correctness of his texts. However, he explains a lot and so the whole story seems very credible, especially since his statements elsewhere are confirmed in many respects.
A friend had sent the German translation of The Book of Alberto Romero Rivera, named: "Alberto Romero Rivera" to me. Sadly I did not find the english original. If someone has found the original in English language or further translations, please send it to me. Thanks in advance.

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The focuses on some of today's major political issues. Contributions are not always up-to-date, but the information and links they contain continue to be of great importance to understanding how purposefully the planet's power elite is pursuing its destruction, the deception of humanity, and the isolation of human beings. The information can also illuminate some background to this page (plant animals and

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