What does "Hell" mean?

In industrial mass animal farming animals are exploitet both economically and spiritually.

Is there even one hell or several hells?
Is hell a place where an "almighty God" punishes people until they are "purified"? Or is hell or are hells places where the spiritual energy of living beings or spirit beings is deliberately drained and harvested?
In the following we will consider some spiritual messages from various directions, from which an amazingly vivid picture of "hell" emerges. And this picture does not correspond to the "place of purification" or "punishment" of which the Pharrerisees and other gurus tell us so about "hell".
As always - you should not "believe" anything we say, because we do not know all this either. Take the pictures and messages with you and think about what this could mean for the actions of the powerful and for us, if these things were so or if the powerful "only" believed it so.
Just let the images sink in and ask yourself what these images represent....

White Temple

Representation of hell in the "White Temple" / "Wat Rong Khun" in Thailand

Overseers(?) of hell in the White Temple

Energy guzzler"(?) in the White Temple
Of course, it is interpretation what this fibrous mass is under the heads. It is unclear if the mass is supporting the heads or if, for example, the head in the foreground is eating this mass and feeding on it. This fibrous mass could be the extracted energy - which is admittedly only our interpretation.

Railroad underpass at the Würm

Artful "Grafitti" / painting of a presumably occult artist in the railroad underpass at the Hermann-Hesse-Weg at the Würm in Pasing / Munich.

Detail of this painting - densely packed human bodies caught in a "stream of energy"?

Audience hall in the Vatican

Gigantic portrait behind the pope in the audience hall in the Vatican.

Detail of the same portrait in the audience hall.

"Jesus" / Messiah is carried upwards by "vortex of violence and energy" of this "atomic explosion".
Is this possibly the "true" Messiah of the Kazarian Jews! Does he organize this "vortex of violence and energy" (quotation of the artist) to strengthen himself at this energy and to "ascend" so?
The rags are not to be recognized as people - but which violence should be meant, if not the violence which is done to living beings (thus humans, animals and plants) by such a destruction?
Are not possibly all wars and organized acts of violence of this earth in reality sacrificial rituals to the gods? More about this gruesome image and the audience hall at friedenskalender.de/kirchen.htm (only german).


Disco mass event - densely surrounded by innumerable "attractive" people, in a "spirit" in which making contact is almost impossible, because uncool, because too loud -> Greatest loneliness for the majority of those present in the dense crowd, although a multitude has come to get in touch with people. I write this as someone who has always loved to dance freely and who has always sought some kind of fulfillment in discos. Can it be that this spirit of "coolness" and the loneliness of the majority of visitors and the nevertheless given "addiction" to visit these places again and again because everyone does it, because one hopes for fulfillment here - that all these things were prepared and designed very purposefully and precisely? And nobody tells me that at least as much energy vampirism does not take place in these places as in a soccer stadium!

Various cinematic representations of hell

- In the "Matrix" trilogy, people are depicted being energetically drained after being wired to the Matrix and mentally living in an illusion.
- In various feature films, people are depicted in "interim-hells" where they also vegetate in large numbers in cramped quarters in pale gray light and suffer incapable of contact with each other.

And how do you get to hell, or how do you avoid going there?

Many traditions on this subject emphasize the freedom of the will to go to these places or to leave them.
However, the relevant knowledge of how to recognize these places, what the alternatives are and how to find them is of utmost importance. Also, according to many statements, the knowledge of overcoming energetic boundaries plays a major role and it is easy for "knowers" to hold "ignorers" captive magically or energetically.

The example of the disco is for me one of the most impressive examples (and we don't want to claim now that a disco is a hell and whoever goes there is in hell - we rather want to consider this example as an image for the way to an actual hell). A longing and a (false?) promise magically attracts people to visit this place. Fortunately, on this earth there is an exit in every disco and people get free again and live their normal life. But what if this place was in the beyond and if the exit was energetically locked? As said, there is a multiplicity of spiritual beings, which bring excellent knowledge and intelligence, in order to (lead) and purposefully drain humans, without humans noticing this. And the latter definitely also takes place on earth!

And another example are without doubt the religions. The contact to the gods is drilled into the "believing" people by "authorities" and under group "coercion". What would be if exactly the learned contacting rituals after the death calls the spirits on the plan, which leads one into the respective "heaven" of the respective gods or religions?!

In our opinion, with rituals, symbols, invocations or contracts one is faster in spiritual connections of this kind than most people think possible. We suggest to stay away from all these things - not because we don't believe in a spiritual reality, but exactly because we assume this spiritual reality.
THEY tell us all about themselves. Just take another look at the examples shown above, let them sink in and think about what the creators of these things wanted to tell us with them!

Yes, and we do not miss any opportunity to remind: Love is the best protection! Who would take up connection to other people in a loving way in one of these hells, he would disgrace himself hopelessly because he would disturb the cold group cohesion. And the groups would expel the loving ones (if not already the love or life energy - both is the same - if not this loving energy would free the people alone from the captivity of the lovelessness).

Who does bad things to other living beings in his life and who is not able to go into forgiveness and to wish this sincerely from the damaged ones - he loses the protection of the life energy. He is defenceless against the attacks of the energy vampires. He will find it difficult to return to the energy of love.
But "hell" does not represent punishment, these people "judge" themselves by their deeds.

Unfortunately, however, even very dear people are at risk of falling into this captivity of energy vampires, if they are simply not tough enough to see through the spiritual frauds and if they allow themselves to be seduced into worshipping the various gods. And we also repeat this on this occasion: the "One, True, Almighty, Lord and God" in virtually every religion is NOT the One who lovingly created plants, animals and humans. He would not allow himself to be worshipped and he would not accept priests who dictate to people how things should be done. Who joins the various priests and other gurus, he is reliably led into the religions and comes into the "right" heaven of the respective religion!
Just look at the pictures and symbols! They explain everything!


last updated 29.07.2022
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