The Implanted Microchip

At the present, it seems to have come so far as it stand in the book of Revelation:

A "Start-up Firm" presented the implantable microchip at the Cebit

An editor of the FAZ allows himself to be "chipped" in front of the cameras.

The ZDF propagates the abolition of cash as a means of barter and calls for the implantation of a microchip as a "better solution" to paying:

Galileo reports that 50.000 citizens have already been chipped

These happenings are compliant with what was prophesized in the book of Revelation nearly 2.000 years ago:

Revelation, chapter 13
16 And it (another beast that that comes out of the Earth; which has two horns and speaks both like a lamb and a dragon) causes the small and the great, the rich and the poor, the free and the enslaved to mark themselves on the right hand or on the brow.

17. And that no man might buy and sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

18. This calls for wisdom! Let him that hath insight count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man; and this number is Six hundred three score and six.

Revelation Chapter 14
9. And the third angel followed this and spoke with a loud voice. If anyone worships the Beast and his image or puts his mark on their hand or brow

10. They will drink from the wine of God's wrath which has been loudly poured into his cup of wrath and shall be tortured with fire and sulfur before the holy angels and before the Lamb;

11. And the smoke and their suffering will rise from eternity to eternity; they who have worshipped the beast will have no rest day and night.

Revelation Chapter 16.
2. The first went and poured his vial upon the Earth; and there was an evil plague upon the people who wore the beast's mark and worshipped him.

Revelation Chapter 19
20. And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

I do not consider the Bible to be "God's Word". The publisher was a Roman Caesar (Constantine), who's predecessors followed and murdered Jesus and the early Christians. In the face of the fast spreading Christianity, the "microsoft-strategy" to gather and incorporate the movement was the quickest method in order to maintain power. This clearly marked the beginnings of the church and the emergence of the Bible.
Presumably, the Bible contains many contents, that either state the simple historical facts, or else a part of the spiritual knowledge i.e. the thoughts of the early Christians, which could not be eliminated on the grounds of their truthfulness, without suffering the loss of those Christians who had already begun to gather together.
But how do we now understand or interpret tho book of Revelation if you join me in agnostic thinking, if you suspect lies everywhere and if you do not want to believe anything?
This book which contains around twenty pages, describes crude stories which nobody can imagine. Even though parallels to our modern times can be guessed if one wants to. Most of the parallels require phantasy and a lot of interpretation space but the parallel with the chip has a similarity which cannot be so easily dismissed with a wave of the hand.
There are diverse conspiracy books which have for decades stated the prognoses of the insertion of the microchip, the parallel connection to the book of Revelation with all the consequences which are also written there.
In the end, each has to decide for himself how to evaluate the psychological and spiritual effects of the microchip.

The fact is that it is here now and now the people in power have the means to abolish cash, to monitor each payment (even pocket money and tips) and even prevent this.
A wealthy citizen, who has some thousands of Euros in the bank, could be standing in the supermarket at the till where the sales woman could declare to him that his chip, or he himself, had no payment validity. The cause of this could come from an inappropriate comment from this citizen on the telephone which has shortly before been heard. For this reason alone, all consciously aware and active citizens must act with the utmost vehemence against those who want the abolition of cash. There are many other statements from the politicians in which the effects of their suggestions would have been far less severe, who have had to stand down from office.
The most decisive question with regard to the microchip implant is the possible spiritual and mental takeover of each citizen on Earth who takes on this chip.
The pictures of insects, who become fully remote-controlled from a microchip over the head are known to us. Of course the control takes place through the electrodes which are placed directly into the brain which is not possible when planted into the hand.
On the other hand, we know that our body is controlled through electrical impulses coming from the brain and that from outside the nervous system, low frequency electromagnetic waves can be used to transmit impulses. A lot of literature concerning the theme of Harp- antennae quotes technical sources and also patented literature which describe the targeted influencing of the mood by these low frequency impulses.
A targeted influencing of the mood, driving force or lack of will, aggression or passiveness could be in an obvious manner, easily projected through the hand.
For the sake of completeness, and without commenting upon the plausibility of my following statements, I would like to mention, that certain sources in internet connect the effectiveness of the microchip with morgellons and aluminum which according to these sources are purposefully brought into the atmosphere, our food and into the drinking water.
I can say that the existence of morgellons in my circle of acquaintances has been verified. Furthermore, there is a statement that the system of cell-phone masts have been made to comply with communicating with individual persons. These facts cannot be proved, they should however be considered.
Our understanding of the workings of the microchip will keep us searching in the dark for a long time. Basically we should know that occult knowledge with regard to the microchip is a fact from which we are being kept. (We learned also by coincidence that the back doors of the firm of Microsoft have built in chips which hold in store special functions for our own computer chips which are not there for our use.) The modern technology has opened up possibilities for which our own envisioning is not yet capable.
In the face of the decision to accept the implanting of microchips, I would preferably take all the conjectures seriously rather than discard them as theories.

Per example the statements of diverse conspiracy theorists who state that accepting the microchip would be the last free deed which the person undergoes, because, after that, he would be manipulated.
In Revelation it is often said that the people who take on the mark of the beast continue to adore him in spite of increasing problems and suffering. This could be an indication that in Revelation, a prophecy is given which points to the inability of these people to make decisions.
Some people take the pure spiritual/ritualistic workings of such interventions very seriously.

A special indication of the danger of the implantation of microchips is the way the powerful try to drive this forward. Despite all the biblical warnings, the mass media seem to stand under a certain pressure to bring the microchip into a positive light and leave aside any critical viewpoints. That no television reporter has tried to reveal the dangers which the Bible speaks of, openly cannot be based upon lack of interest on the reporter's side or for any other public response reasons.
We can make it clear that the real powerful are the ones that worship Satan, which we can read from a large number of sources and need to have no doubts about. That means, what we believe or don't believe is of no matter- the powerful who we experience now in reality, are doing their utmost to fulfill the prophesies which are laid out in the Bible.
Should it actually come to this, that people who do not accept the implantation should be threatened with death, actually be left alone in their despair and be hounded in every relationship, (which is not the reality in the present), then it would be more obvious that the powerful have an immense interest in the microchip which reaches far and beyond a simple method of payment.
If the chip were a part which had no influence on the psyche or the spiritual personality, why wouldn't the plastic card of which we have many in our pockets, also do the job just as well? Because terrorists before hijacking airplanes could take them out of their pockets? That you can tell to any other idiot, not to me.
The logical consequence would be that it would be worthwhile, even for people with no beliefs or spiritual thinking to avoid the implantation of a microchip. And expose themselves to all kinds of ridicules, perhaps even death. The extreme brutality and the removal of all means of defending the human rights is a strong indication of how much the powerful want to take away from us.

When we assume, what we, within reason have to be afraid of, namely that the microchip would make us controllable, then this would be completely clear:
A perfidious dictatorship is out of the question. The powerful have bought the politicians. (See Bilderberg meeting, etc.)
They control the media, who all find themselves in the hand of a few oligarchs. Please don't tell me that these oligarchs can perform in a way which is free of the interests of the high finance!) With the complete psychological control, the citizen would be robbed of all earthly and spiritual options. The mightiest would not have to continue with their advertising and lies program which keeps us entertained. They wouldn't have to offer their thugs in politics, commerce, media and religion so much wealth and success, because these wouldn't have the choice of choosing the other free side. Then they could enslave everyone and treat them in the same manner as the chickens which are held in batteries.

The picture of a punishing God is not really appropriate for me. The idea is rather that we have the choice, depending how we orientate ourselves spiritually during our lives, to find our way, after death, to the spiritual beings with whom we wish to connect.
From many sides, it is said that this is the time of decision. I have heard this from Esoterics, Satanists and followers of various religions.

Again, from many sources and also following this point of view, the Creator would not reject the people with microchips. Rather, the people with the microchips would be so influenced that their free choice would be lost to go to that God after death who has created the world out of love.
If you make it clear with which stringency, the powerful are progressively waging war against humanity, against the environment and the whole of creation, then it is also conceivable which energy lies in the conflict behind the possible existence of spiritual beings on earth.
I will describe a possible development in a gloomy way. Reasons to believe that these things could happen cannot be denied.
I don't have to be a believer to recognize that the powerful are rapidly destroying and damaging all requirements for life on Earth.
Certainly, there has never been a comparative time on Earth in which the people have had to fear such catastrophes. Can you imagine that in advance of any impending third world war, if people became satanized at the command of Satanists (because of microchips), if these people became zombies and would work on a further destruction of the Earth, then a time would come, when new beginning would arise as the only solution, with those few who had stayed true and resisted the madness.
I imagine, in the face of this pending madness, a farmer with a wheat field in which a fungus is spreading. The spreading was caused through a lie in which the spores have convinced the wheat ears to take this on. On thinking further, a contamination of the wheat ears would not be possible without the conscious accepting of the fungus. Nevertheless the fast spreading of this fungus among the otherwise good natured wheat would take place through ignorance and indifference.
The farmer would be omnipotent in the sense that he could heal each ear of wheat or he could destroy all the fungus with one dose of Glyphosate if he was prepared to use this poison. Could you imagine that he would come to a point where he would burn down the whole field because there was no other solution? Imagine that the wheat ears had souls. Can you imagine that the farmer would then rather start with a new a new life on the earth with these hundred ears which had resisted the temptation of listening to the life threatening voices of the fungus?

This is in the meanwhile my personal picture of the Apocalypse. I do not believe that Revelation 1:1 is correct, especially in the way in which God is described although I can imagine that something similar is pending. If we really had the chance of not having to live with this destructive force of Satan (the high finance) in the free world, then this picture would have something quite consoling.
These have been strong pictures and I will not force you to believe any of it as I have no more knowledge than you. Open your eyes and see what is happening in the world! I think, because of what we irrefutably know, that we must do everything in our power to stop the implantation of the microchip. That means that we have to become very loud when this is advertised and when tests are made to implant them. I also think, that it would be worthwhile that the few, which we reliably know to be sufficient, would do everything in their power not to accept the chip. Even if this should lead to hunger and death "the living will envy the dead.'
Should it come that far, then we really have nothing more to fear.

A small contribution perhaps to console a few at the end of this article:
The people who do not let themselves be misled by binding themselves to any spiritual beings other than our loving Creator, meaning all religions with their false teachings which Revelation suggests, and seek a loving bond to all the creatures of this Earth and refuse to take on the microchip, start a life outside of this terrible illusion and heartlessness.
They begin to live without money, to share amongst each other and to support each other. I assume that the loving Creator, against which the satanic forces fight, will do everything to support his true followers so that they can endure the suffering and deny the chip even under the extreme pressure of pending death. It has been prophesized in Revelation in a similar way.
It should be mentioned that apparently, no rituals or symbols are necessary to be heard by Him. Anything else is not mentioned in the New Testament. To call him is enough to be heard that is the difference between our Creator and the fallen angels. In this simple way you can recognize if the loving Creator should be called to, or the worship of other angels who can be contacted through rituals and symbols.
As stated, it is of no importance if you believe anything. From experience we see that Atheists begin to pray in extreme situations. Should you come into such a situation then remember these lines. The free choice, to adhere to the various idols and religions, or to remember the message of our loving Creator who created the plants, animals and Man out of love and who has a good plan for us.
Should somebody want to force you, using all manner of threats, then you can think if these threats have something to do with the subject of this "confused " text.

The subject of the microchip I took as an opportunity to start this new Home page


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