A Message from Jens Gordon Gerbracht



protector of love

I am one of many

we are here with you,

in the dark valley


jegoo, in the old way pronounced: jeshoa, that's my name.
it is composed of jens derived by johannes, "the blessed" and gordon, from the Celtic, "from the great mountain".
the blunt added letters put out and voila, jegoo.
it gets even better ...
gerbracht, my aftermath: ger = "spear" = "lance"; bracht = "who brings it"

I came to bring the less dear into the love. Everyone has their own decision.
the path of nature in love with the feeling of love in oneself without hate and anger or bad conscience, his goal reveals itself.
everyone is on the path at birth, getting older and looking for the many ways made of tar, concrete, music, drugs, alcohol ...

yes, they are all looking for and become addicted. if they would just have stayed on the path.
well, everyone does fall, because the paved roads are also a "fall".
they mirror what maybe everyone is looking for? with light, mica and warmth? together artificial love? Could that be the seduction in a tempting more comfortable world?
then when you enter it, your way of the world, the conditions will come. If you want to live here, you have to pay, no matter what.
People fall in love, such a nonsense! if i live in love, i can intensify this love harmonically, but i do not fall in love, right?

so, my question to you:
Can we live in good love with plants, animals and people? that a feeling of love exists in a connection between the three types?
we are here to raise this love in you, that we live together in love. even for those who have entered into a pact with the lesser dear (lord and god of civilization = religion = satan), they can return to the path, for satan himself had hold no word or pact.

Be aware of what it means to see for yourself! perhaps in love with all dear creatures, to live in a connection with feeling?
could that be the path of "virtue" to our dear vaddi?

your jeshoa



last updated on 10.11.2018