The spiritual fraud

What consequences it can have, how we can recognize it and protect ourselves from it

I had last talked about the effect of wishing in connection with our loving Creator. However, in a very similar way, people can basically speak to all kinds of spiritual beings or "gods" and can be supported. The power of the fallen angels should not be underestimated to do miracles, to heal, or to do other things. For example, whoever wants a lot of money, power, and power in life, more than he needs for a healthy life, may be more successful in connecting with fallen angels than with our loving Creator. However, in most cases he will have to enter into a contract for this assistance in which he is also committed to a service. This may be the sale of his soul, as it is reported by countless stories. Today many pop stars report this of themselves, whereas the way of life, the openly displayed satanic symbolism and the sad fate of these stars seems to support this Statement.
The countless stories about the sale of the soul suggest that our soul has a tradable value. In a trade we could receive something for selling our own soul.

What is not told, but what should be obvious, is that the misleading of other souls could be payed off in a similar way, if those souls would then come into the power of those forces, angels, gods or whatsoever.

I'm concerned, as probably you too: I can not imagine how someone should consume or kidnap a soul and derive from it a benefit or only a pseudo-benefit for themselves. But this is exactly what all these fairy tales postulate, this is demonstrated in the hostile trilogy "Matrix", as the novel "Momo" by Michael Ende shows in a brilliant way - brilliant because its description of the alienation of humans from each other and from everything what nourishes us so precisely on exactly what we are experiencing today and what continues in the absurd even in recent years.

The most perfidious kind of delusion is the misleading of religious people, who are promised the connection to our loving Creator, but who, through the rites, symbols, and imagery, are led into truly existing relationships with other gods or fallen angels. Even though I am not sure about the assignment of the Ten Commandments to our loving Creator Himself (in the archetype of the Bible we are talking about YHWH or Yahweh and I do not know if this name really means someone else), it is significant which weight has the picture ban. In the third version in Ex 34,12ff it is pointed out in manifold ways, how by the contact of the people with other peoples the creeping worship of other gods could take place. Stone paintings, culture piles and metal casts are mentioned, which would have to be destroyed.
Regardless of who conveys this message, it conceals a fear or knowledge about the means by which a spiritual connection can be easily diverted. It sounds like you just put another woman in the bed of a husband at night who would not notice. There are also dramas about it. But while I could normally see, smell, and feel a woman on a daily basis, and while it might not be so easy to fool me with a strange woman, I lack the sure senses to see our loving Creator so clearly. I feel like most people even a certain uncertainty about whether he exists at all. If I do not listen to these warnings, it will in principle be much easier to sell me the loving creator and fraudulently "put to bed" another god through various rites and symbols.

Yes, and what is described here in the Ten Commandments of the Bible, takes place daily in the churches, in the Jewish and Islamic religious communities. This also happens in the other religions, but here, too, the connection to our loving Creator is not promised, but from the outset the connection to the respective other gods. For the same reason this is not necessary useful.
Add to this the whole veneration of saints (including the images of the saints) and especially the veneration of Mary. The Freemasons themselves openly announce in public television that they have introduced the Isis cult into the churches by the seemingly veneration of Mary. And I know esoteric people, they go to church, say to me that they have tried "Christianity", they introduce themselves to the figure of Mary and experience a "deep divine connection". The whole "Hocus-pocus" stinks so to heaven! The churches are filled with symbols that are not explained and definitely have nothing to do with the loving Creator. Especially the cross and especially the representation of the dying Jeshua on this cross can not be understood other than as an act against Jeshua and his father. Already the Egyptians or even the Celts knew crosses with symbolic value. And that the introduction of the cross was a dream inspiration of Emperor Constantine, who then, according to the message from the dream, won a battle in this sign, can not possibly be connected with our loving Creator.
How can all the Christians (including the Protestant and other Christian denominations) escape so completely that Christianity or church life, including the summary of various religious scriptures on the Bible, was carried out by the hardest enemies of Jeshua and that these themselves now violate the main messages of the written Bible to the gravest and injure to this day?

The Masonic system is so tightly woven worldwide that no at least medium-sized group, religious community, government, political party, or non-governmental organization can resist infiltration and significant influence from the Earth's ruling elite.
It is illusory to think that powerful institutions like the churches are not completely subjugated to this satanic power. The leadership elite of the churches and all major religions has been satanic through and through since the time of churches. They pretend to preach wine, but they administer spiritually poisoned wine and even drink manure.

Against this background, it surprises many and until recently also me, why nevertheless the Church spread so much beautiful in the Bible, why probably so much truth is still in the books, if they had the power, to dedicate this much more directly their own interests or to the interests of the gods whom they serve.

The answer was recently given by a friend who said, "The bastards really believe they need to tell us what they're going to do with us, because only if you could do it without resistance, could they do it, without inflicting karmic damage on themself. "
So that's what they would think for themselves. They would try to tell us what they were up to, and they would try to get at least our tacit approval. The point is that we ourselves take responsibility for the crimes that the fallen angels want to carry out and that they can do only with the help of human beings. Only the highest people in the Masonic power pyramid know about the actual intentions. But they are also careful not to get their hands dirty, but instead they try to get others lower in the pyramid to do the dirty work in order to get less of the bad "karma" themselves. "Karma" is of course a New Age term, but maybe there is such a thing as a damaging energy that can only come from the rage of injured beings.

This statement about the Masonic self-understanding, even if I can not provide evidence for the correctness, explains for me an incredible amount. Why are there so many Youtubers who reveal to us, in astonishing candor, the abysses of this satanic system, who sometimes let us assume themselves to be part of Freemasonry by signs they show, and which have such high audience numbers that the powerful would have silenced them long ago, though they stood in their way. Why do so many movies from the satanic Scientology Hollywood have so much critical information about the conspiracy?
This information would explain everything. The powerful and / or the fallen angels see it as their duty or necessity to inform us about their plans and probably also about the basics of the reality in which we move.
Of course they prefer to give this task to agents who have otherwise lost their credibility, so that we give this information little meaning or belief, because the truth is so abstruse anyway, that no human endures. Or / and they hand over the task of enlightenment to future "heroes" who thus build them to keep us trapped in their institutions.
In the case of the churches, that makes sense. The Bible would contain for the most part truthful representations. At one point or another it is simply not mentioned that a mentioned "God" is not the loving Creator, but another God. We do not realize that or worship that other god. And all the rites, symbols, we go unintentionally, but on our own responsibility, (we were warned in the 10 commandments) in the connection, which we would never have come in the clear mind.
And the "only, good, true and right (or judging) God" of the churches then takes us as a reward in his heaven. And this "only, good, true, and right God" of the churches is then Lucifer, Satan, or whatever God, but not our loving Creator. This supposed "homage" to the fallen angels, which I here half ironically refer to as "the only, good, true and right gods" that annoys many Christians, I take to myself to make people wake up. So many people believe they are connected to God. Yes, of course with the only God, "there is only one", the "only, good, true and right". Super - and the symbols have connected us with that? So what do the people think, to whom they are connected to believe in? What do you think the "only, good, true, and right God" of the churches is when the think tanks behind these churches worship Satan? I also like to call him (Satan) the "Almighty". Of course he likes to hear that, because that is his claim, that's what he wants to portray on this earth. He would like to have total power over this earth and he wants to give his sheep the feeling that he already has that today. Fortunately, he probably does not have it, because then there would not be the slightest sign of free life, of love and there would be no more these despite the destruction still wonderful landscapes with wild plants and fewer and fewer wild animals. Our loving Creator is probably the much stronger one. But unlike Satan, he probably does not value the title "Almighty," because he feels much closer to ordinary people. "In his image" we humans were created by him.

If we envision the all-encompassing power of the satanic power elite, it is logical that no religion, no church, and no temple on this earth is dedicated to our loving Creator, who also, as we believe in Jeshua's words, desires no temples or religious communities. Since we have the connection to "our Father", our loving Creator, we do not need symbols for Him. This is different with the fallen angels. All the magic and symbolism are the methods to connect with fallen angels. Our loving Creator would never make us contract offers or provide conditions for "working together". We are in contact with him when we live in love and otherwise we have effectively turned away from him and spurned his protection. Of course, we have spurned his protection when we support or worship the destroyers of this earth, the fallen angels or the lodges on this earth. Contracts or conditions are thus sure signs that we are not in communication with our loving Creator. This already applies, for example, to church tax.
It is often said that fallen angels could not incarnate in human bodies, but they would long for it very much. It is also reported that the fallen angels have the physical power to do a great deal of things directly on this earth. But in that case it would be easy for our loving Creator to slander and prevent them. Only through the use of the free will of humans can they therefore work on this earth - and in that they have attained a remarkable perfection. Even in the Bible, it is written that in the end times, Satan would hold all power over the earth. The Bible tells how Satan would have offered Jeshua power over the whole world if he would submit to the power of Satan. Jeshua did not respond by saying that this power was not Satan's, but he simply refused submission. These are already strong indications of who (in many ways on this earth) is "Almighty God". Thus, the so-called theodicy question is answered to some extent. The question is, "Why does God allow all the terrible things on earth?" This question is of course Satan's point of view with the utmost pleasure. Satan is proud of all his terrible deeds, our loving creator is probably all this cruelty his greatest pain. And now theologians are running around and bringing people against God, in which they blame him for the tacit acquiescence of all these atrocities. Both the Flood and the story of Sodom and Gomorrah hint at the means that seem to be in the hands of a God or possibly our loving Creator to save in a totally lost situation. He only seems to have the freedom to destroy everything, so that he can make a fresh start with a small group of dear souls. That certainly does not make our loving creator without need and only when nothing else works. Some also attribute the sinking of Atlantis, the one or the other ice age, or the recurring catastrophes according to the Mayans, so that these catastrophes could have been a kind of apocalypse or purification of fallen angels, extraterrestrials or other vermin. Consequently, our loving Creator would have the power to destroy all the vermin in a terrible blow, and thus be mightier than all the less love. But he would not be "all-powerful" towards the fatal events on a small scale. Yes, and that's why I like to use the term "Almighty," of course, half ironic, so that super religious people make a head, with whom they are connected when they constantly ride around on the "omnipotence" of the "Almighty". The one who likes to take this title may not be our loving creator, but the one who would like to be omnipotent and who in any case finds it super beautiful when people worship him as the "Almighty".

If people allow themselves to be seduced into following the fallen angels and so accepting their destruction, then our loving Creator has no chance if he does not want to work with the same means of power - and he probably does not want that. The story of Jeshua and the subsequent persecution of primitive Christians also testify to the difficulty of creating something like a rudimentary information point for love in the presence of the fallen angels. The situation today is exactly the same as in the time of Jeshua. It is possible that we are actually heading for the apocalypse precisely where the cruelty of the world power into absolute fascist aggravates.

Many say that people have always expected an end time, why should it happen right now? Of course I do not know. But when I observe how the power elite is preparing (at the moment) the most bizarre fascist dictatorship, openly introducing global censorship, organizing wars, spreading openly the fascist religious delusions of the Islamists through intelligence services, and like them quite frankly preparing the implanted microchip of the world population, which is obviously the "Mark of the Beast" announced in the Apocalypse, then I have to say that without any "end time faith" we are sliding into a time when the Apocalypse is slipping with the promise of a Life on a renewed and demon-liberated world is a hope. Anyone who realizes what is really going on here on Earth can see hope in the Apocalypse. I know, that sounds weird.

Regardless of whether this end time has begun, it is unmistakable that the powerful are preparing to take the religious madness to the extreme. Everywhere esoteric "peace activists" are around, who have pasted on their cars the symbols of all possible religions at once. Sure, "if all religions unite, then there will be peace"? Create problems and then offer the solution that best suits your interests.
Yes, and chiping is being driven openly today. People should accept a microchip implanted under the skin as their sole means of payment. "Whoever does not have it (the mark of the beast) will not be able to buy or sell." - says the apocalypse. Here you can find more information about the implanted microchip.
The worldwide uniform religion, which honors fallen angels and the mark of the beast, so presumably the implanted microchip, are two very important messages of the apocalypse (ie the last 30 and therefore very readable pages of the Bible). It is therefore to be feared that the efforts to force people into the veneration of the fallen angels with chaos, fear, with the most trite tricks and threatened violence, will increase in the near future.
The major part of the catastrophic event is obviously and recognizably made by Satan's powerful servants. We already have a World War going when we look at the number of wars in which Russians and Americans are simultaneously hostile (in the year 2018). The waste of resources and poisoning of the earth has increased in the last few years many times over. Many countries are driven openly and in constructed crises to ruin. Bank officials assume state-leading functions. A worldwide economic and financial crash is being prepared. Conflicts with violent foreigners are initiated in Europe. The danger posed by the refugees would obviously not exist without the direct involvement of our own governments and intelligence services. So the powerful have really prepared a huge fireworks of crises everywhere. Even the concentration camps ("fema camps") are already prepared worldwide.
If I were to be right in this fear, then it would also be important for people who have so far kept away from religions by their common sense, who live in love, but who were otherwise rather agnostic, to understand these connections, Not so that they begin to believe, but to understand how right they have been in rejecting religion so that they can continue to distance themselves from the religions or from the one-world religion that may be offered. In fact, there is the sad experience that military pastors have profoundly exploited to make people religious in the face of death, fear, or existential crisis.
I hope that all this does not happen. But if it does happen, then the one or the other reader may remember that we have the opportunity to speak to our loving Creator, but that if we are on the way of worshiping some crude gods or the "Almighty" Church God do not find to him.
By the way, in the book of the Apocalypse I can read out two important spiritual survival advices that are repeated many times over: Do not get chipped and stay away from religion. I find it remarkable, what advice the powerful church leaves us so.


last updated on 17.10.2017